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SetBox of 12 Gourmet Cannoli

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Embark on a culinary journey with our meticulously curated selection, featuring an array of enticing fillings and exquisite toppings that promise to delight!  From classic flavours to innovative twists, there's something for every craving in this decadent collection.  Included in our SetBox of 12 Gourmet Cannoli are:

Left row (top to bottom):  Traditional Cherry, The Nutella Bomb, The Strawberry Shortcake, The Pride Cannoli, Signature Raspberry Bayleaf Jelly, and Traditional Pistachio,

Right row (top to bottom):  Signature Lavender Pepper Jelly, The Kalamata Tapenade, The Limoncello Spritz, The Chocolate Macaroon, Signature Pineapple Jelly, and Traditional Chocolate.